Kleemann-Andersen, Camilla. Plastikblomster Og Tungeløse Grønlændere (2020) [PDF]

Kleemann-Andersen, Camilla. Plastikblomster Og Tungeløse Grønlændere. MA Thesis. University of Greenland. 2020

The language debate in Greenland has been a hot topic in the Greenlandic community for many years. Many research projects have been conducted on this topic from various aspects of scientific fields. The debate has often evolved into a heated debate revolving around issues such as identity and ethnicity. Towards the process of Greenland autonomy, the language plays an important role in the debates. In this thesis the debate is examined based on Sarah Ahmed’s affective theory. Using Norman Faircloughs critical discourse analysis this thesis studies the feelings involved in the debate and what the causes are of these emotions. Being in a state of postcoloniality, Greenland has faced a variety of challenges attached to being a former colony. Asymmetrical relations of power are some forces not to be underestimated. Feelings of shame, hatred, anger and love are among the emotions that can be traced in the Greenlandic language debate. Emotions have been invested in the Greenlandic language which positions the language with a high affection value and is seen as a crucial part of the Greenlandic identity. These things sum up a very lively debate on the language. In the name of love for the language, inclusion and exclusion negotiations are observable in the public debates.

PDF: https://www.academia.edu/43233576/Plastikblomster_og_tungel%C3%B8se_gr%C3%B8nl%C3%A6ndere.