Olwig, Karen. ‘Narrating Deglobalization: Danish Perceptions of a Lost Empire’ (2003)

Olwig, Karen. ‘Narrating Deglobalization: Danish Perceptions of a Lost Empire’. Global Networks, vol. 3, June 2003, pp. 207–222.

According to Ulf Hannerz, globalization, viewed as a historic process of increasing interconnectedness, implies the possibility of an opposite process of deglobalization involving a delinking of interconnectedness. This study of Danish engagement in the Danish West Indies, a colony sold to the United States in 1917, exemplifies deglobalization. This case shows that while globalization can be reversed in terms of interconnectedness, it may continue unabated in stories of former global ventures. Indeed, the delinked Danish West Indian past has offered a rich, imagined resource for Danish narratives of past achievements on the global arena that bear little relation to the modest Danish contribution to colonial history. Globalization therefore does not just involve actual interconnectedness, but cultural interpretations of global engagement, past or present.