Hervik, Peter, editor. Racialization, Racism, and Anti-Racism in the Nordic Countries. (2019)

Hervik, Peter, editor. Racialization, Racism, and Anti-Racism in the Nordic Countries. Cham: Springer International Publishing, 2019.

This book represents a comprehensive effort to understand discrimination, racialization, racism, Islamophobia, anti-racist activism, and the inclusion and exclusion of minorities in Nordic countries. Examining critical media events in this heavily mediatized society, the contributors explore how processes of racialization take place in an environment dominated by commercial interests, anti-migrant and anti-Muslim narratives and sentiments, and a surprising lack of informed research on national racism and racialization. Overall, in tracing how these individual events further racial inequalities through emotional and affective engagement, the book seeks to define the trajectory of modern racism in Scandinavia.


 1. Peter Hervik:

Racialization in the Nordic Countries: An Introduction

2. Mathias Danbolt, Lene Myong:

 Racial Turns and Returns: Recalibrations of Racial Exceptionalism in Danish Public Debates on Racism

3. Tuija Saresma:

Politics of Fear and Racialized Rape: Intersectional Reading of the Kempele Rape Case

4. Mahitab Ezz El Din:

 News Media Racialization of Muslims: The Case of Nerikes Allehanda’s Publishing of the Mohamed Caricature

5. Asta Smedegaard Nielsen:

White Fear: Habitual Whiteness and Racialization of the Threat of Terror in Danish News Journalism

6. Sayaka Osanami Törngren:

 Talking Color-Blind: Justifying and Rationalizing Attitudes Toward Interracial Marriages in Sweden

7. Mantė Vertelytė, Peter Hervik:

The Vices of Debating Racial Epithets in Danish News Media Discourse

 8. Carolina S. Boe, Karina Horsti:

Anti-Racism from the Margins: Welcoming Refugees at Schengen’s Northernmost Border

9. Christian Stokke:

Do Antiracist Efforts and Diversity Programs Make a Difference? Assessing the Case of Norway

10. Camilla Haavisto:

The Power of Being Heard: How Claims Against Racism Are Constructed, Spread, and Listened to in a Hybrid Media Environment

11. Kjetil Rødje, T. S. Thorsen:

(Re)Framing Racialization: Djurs Sommerland as a Battleground of (Anti-)Racism

12. Nasar Meer:

Whiteness and Racialization